Jiang Bian

Assistant Professor
Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics
College of Medicine
University of Florida

I am looking for self-motivated Postdoctoral Research Scientists as well as MS and/or PhD students into Biomedical Informatics. Drop me an email at bianjiang@ufl.edu

Please see the advertisement for the Postdoctoral Research Scientist position.

Research topics for MS and PhD students will be similar:

  • a) data science and data-driven medical research—applications of machine learning and data mining techniques in medical research especially on solving big data problems;
  • b) social media and social web—mining the Internet, including the social web, to provide insights into health-related behavior and health outcomes of various populations and finding ways to develop interventions that promote public and consumer health.
  • c) semantics of health knowledge-using state-of-the-art natural language processing and semantic web technologies to build semantic web knowledge bases to organize, reason and dissemintate health information
  • d) data privacy in biomedicine—leveraging information security and privacy protection techniques to protect biomedical data


I am currently an Assistant Professor of Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics with a focus on Biomedical Informatics, in the College of Medicine @ Unversity of Florida.

The increasing complexity of today's medical research requires more than traditional, single point-of-view approaches. In particular, (big-)data-driven approaches, which aim to reveal patterns in massive heterogeneous datasets and make clinically relevant predictions, are becoming increasingly common in translational research. I have a diverse multi-disciplinary background in information security, data privacy, machine learning, social media, natural language processing, network science, distributed computing systems and software engineering.

Oh, not to mention, I have professional experience in building large-scale enterprise software systems. ;)

Check me out on github :octocat:@bianjiang

I love doing research in biomedical informatics, but I also enjoy writing high quality code and producing real-world products that will make a broad impact...
so, let me know if you are looking for someone who really understands health IT, the software development process and has been a good technical team lead.

Social Web and Health

Many health behavior, despite being an individual choice, is often influenced by social and cultural context. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook afford us enormous opportunities to understand the intersections of individual behaviors, social-environmental factors, and social interactions on social media platforms. Over the past several years, our research has shown that we can mine the social web for invaluable insights into public and consumer health.

Big-data Analytics

I am fascinated in finding valuable information from large datasets using machine learning techniques. Big data is more than simply a matter of size; it is an opportunity to find insights in new and emerging types of data and content, and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond our reach.

More importantly, I am interested in moving biomedical informatics towards computational informatics through designing and developing analytical software systems with HPC or cloud computing platforms that are capable of handling big data in terms of storage, searching, sharing, analyzing, and visualizing.

Security and Privacy

Although health information privacy protection is highly regulated (e.g., HIPAA), there lacks a consistent and efficient model for developing software systems involving electronic medical records (EMRs). I am interested in designing securiy models and developing patient-centric privacy preserving software systems, such as secure medical image repositories, secure health information exchange platform, etc.

Clinical and Clinical Research Informatics

It is imperative to have tools and software designed and developed using informatics principles to support clinical and clinical research activities. Past and ongoing large-scale national efforts such as the Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) and the CTSA program have explicitly focused on increasing the clinical research capacity and have served to increase attention on clinical research related biomedical informatics activities.

I am intersted in building comprehensive clinical trails management systems, from electronic IRB submission and review systems, clinical trail budgeting tools (CLARA), to subject registration (C3PR), study calendar managment, participant recruitment, and electronic data capture, etc.

Guest Editor: Special Issue: Semantics of Mental Health

Data Science for Clinical Research

  • GMS 6803: Data Science for Clinical Research (Fall 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 @UF)

Security and Privacy for Clinical Research

  • GMS 6806: Security and Privacy for Clinical Research (Spring 2018 @UF)

Artificial Intelligence

Semantic Web Technology

  • Using Semantic Web Technology in Biomedical Research (Spring 2015 @UAMS)