Position Title: Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Location: Gainesville, FL

How to Apply: Interested applicants should email a letter of interest and CV to Dr. Jiang Bian, at bianjiang@ufl.edu, with subject line "Postdoctoral application".

Job Description: A postdoctoral position is immediately available for highly motivated individuals to work with Dr. Jiang Bian in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy (Biomedical Informatics) at the University of Florida. The group's research interests focus on a) data science and data-driven medical research—applications of machine learning and data mining techniques in medical research especially on solving big data problems; b) network science—understanding the structure and function of physical, biological, and social networks and how this structure and function relate to health and healthcare; and c) design and development of approaches, tools and systems using informatics principles and techniques to support clinical and clinical research activities. The research topics will be highly interdisciplinary. Although significant advances have been made in the development of big data computing systems, the bridge from data processing to knowledge discovery, unfortunately, is still insurmountably challenging. Unlocking the value of big datasets in biomedical research demands strong background in multiple disciplines (e.g., machine learning, distributed systems, algorithms, knowledge represntation, software engineering, clinical research). We are exploring a number of exciting areas related to the science of big data. The positions will be funded for two years (and can be renewed for the third year dictated by individual's performance). For more information about the department and the focused research areas, please visit http://health-outcomes-policy.ufl.edu/ and http://jiangbian.me/.

Core Requirements: 1.Have a PhD in related fields (computer science/engineering, biomedical informatics, information science, (applied) mathematics, (bio)-statistics, physics, or data science.) 2.Have at least two first author papers written in English in previous area of research with accepted or published status in respected journals or conference proceedings 3.Be extremely good at programming and have experience in data analytics 4.Be proficient in spoken and written communication 5.Practical experience in network analysis, natural language processing, predictive modeling, deep learning, distributed computing, and semantic web technologies will be a plus.